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My Activities Keep me Busy

I try to balance Travel, Work, Family, Fitness, Hobbies, and Technology

I enjoy travleing with my wife Monica, working as a soldier and a diplomat, and spending time with my beautiful daughter Brenna. My fitness activities range from running, swimming, biking, diving, and hiking. I have a Kawasaki Z650 that I try and get out on whenever I have time on a weekend. Given all these activities, it is not surprising that technology projects sometimes take a back seat to other priortities.


I have been lucky to travel and work in Afghanistan, China, Germany, Haiti, Nicaragua, The United Kingdom, and Uzbekistan and currently live in Kenya.

Stacking Work & Familly

I work a ton of hours so balancing time at work with my family is very important. I am always looking for more ways to balance these efforts.


All of technology is building blocks from previous technology innovations. If you stop leanring, you are not able to take what is new and make it work for yourself and your organization.

Running, Biking and Swimming are parts of the Fitness Puzzle

I am always looking for ways to improve my fitness. Eating right can be a struggle overseas, and finding time to do all the activies I want to is also a challenge.

Andy's Fitness Plan

My Goals are simple Loose Weight and Gain Speed & Muscle. Through a combination of eating right, running, biking, swimming and managing all my activities using the latest technology I hope to attain a few more PRs even though I am over 45.! Follow me on Strava

I am always working on new projects

This is a non-inclusive smattering of them

Riding my Bicycles

Building Websites

Exploring New Restaurants

Shopping for New Tech

Building Tech in the Cloud

Watching Movies

Pushing Tech Faster

Riding my Zero Electric Motorcycle

Building Computers

Taking Classes / Learning


Loving Monica

Welcome to my blog @andywalsh.com I work in the technology sector, usually overseas. In my career so far, I have been able to work in Germany, China, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Kenya and the UK. I currently live and work on technology in the USA. I am passionate about technology and am always interested in the latest emerging technologies and the potential they have to make work and life easier. I am especially interested in using collaboration solutions to streamline processes and build knowledge in organizations to help people make better decisions. With the continual threats of new viruses and other malware, computer security is also a topic I follow closely. My latest projects include learning Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Python, Heroku, and using Amazon Workspaces. My latest web sites are running on Linode and I am VERY happy with them so far.


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